We are committed to be the leading provider of quality leisure travel experiences that are fun, educational, cultural, which respect people and the environment.

Sun Cruises, Inc. (SCI) traces its beginnings in August 1988 as a ferry service to the historical island of Corregidor.

This initial ferrying service expanded to include guided tours and hotel accommodations within the island when the management of Corregidor Inn, Corregidor Resort and Corregidor Hostel came under its wing. Sun Cruises acquired the MV Sun Cruises II, a 293 Catamaran ferry boat.

Sun Cruises believes in quality, value, and reliability.

The tours at Corregidor are carefully planned to include visits to places of interest and panoramic drives through areas of natural beauty with historical value. There is also a wide variety of adventure and fun activities on the island to choose from. There's so much to look forward to!

The hotel accommodation adequately provides quality service to ensure a pleasant stay.

Every little detail is given attention to achieve the right balance between scheduled activities and free time. You can look forward to what could probably be your greatest vacation ever.

Sun Cruises commitment is your guarantee of satisfaction.

Today, Sun Cruises continues to provide ferrying services, tours and hotel in Corregidor, and its latest product the Manila Bay Cruise.